An Overview of the Vicious Engine

For non-game developers, all they see when the games are developed, is whether they are good or not. What majority don't see is the innumerable amount of work and hours spent in order to forge the games delivered on the market. Back in the past, making the games from scratch is only to be expected and of course, this is what made many think that game development itself is something that's too time-consuming, arduous and extremely tolling for any game developers. However, with the rise of the game engines like the Vicious Engine, more and more game developers have popped into the industry, developing their games and making waves of innovation in the industry.

Game engines, without a doubt, are the blessings of the gaming industry. They make game development a lot easier with their cutting-edge features and capabilities but of course, making one still has its difficulties. If you're just looking for what game engine to use, then you're at the right place as we will give you a more in-depth and detailed look at one of the most impressive game engines today - the Vicious Engine or the Vicious Game engine. You may have heard already of Unity, Cry Engine and other innovative engines today and the vicious engine is certainly one of the engines that's starting to steal the spotlight.

Vicious Game Engine Background

This game engine was developed by none other than the Vicious Cycle Software Company and the light of the sun first shone on it back on 2005. It was known for being one of the most innovative engines when it comes to creating games for diverse gaming consoles, from PlayStation 2, PSP, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Network, Xbox, Xbox 360 and a whole lot more. Of course, innovation of this outstanding engine didn't stop there as it also made another revolutionary breakthrough when the Vicious Game engine hit the market on 2009 with its more powerful capabilities that can create games for higher-spec computers to newer and more cutting-edge gaming consoles. Some of the games known that were created through this engine includes Bandai's Pac-Man and The Ghostly adventure series, Ben 10 Omniverse and Galactic Racing, Scary Girl by Square Enix and a whole lot more. This engine is extremely compelling and impressive to the point where it was even compared to Cry Engine 3 and turned out to be on par with it.

Advantages Over Other Game Engines

Although it could not be said that the vicious engine is better than other game engines, it is still deemed one of the best game development software for beginners. With this title, it is apparent that the first advantage to it is the extremely shallow learning curve that you would have to deal with if you want to create a game from its outstanding features. Not to mention, this is simply a one-stop shop for everything you need to develop your game, since it comes with impressive capabilities that will allow one to indulge on its capabilities in terms of lightings, game play scripting, physics, networking, sound, rendering and many more. In fact, many companies have already deemed it as one of their go-to engine in developing games in a fast-paced scenario, since it would allow real-time manipulation on the aspects of the game from the lighting, the physics and more. This way, you can make the game as you go, allowing you to make sure that they are of high-quality while not compromising on the time of the development.


Despite the fact that it may still not be one of the most popular or powerful engine in the market today, its impressive suite of features, capabilities and more, has definitely set its path towards the grand heights of the market. Time is now all it needs for the vicious engine to finally hit the top of the market and stand among the best or even stand at the summit of all engines. If you're an aspiring game developer or even a seasoned one already, this game engine is definitely for you.